Harvey Oliver Shower Set


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About The Harvey Oliver Shower Set

This is the ultimate shower caddy for those that like to be efficient in the shower! It allows you to store personal essentials like a razor, ring and toothbrush as well as easily shave with the included mirror.
The set comes in 2 pieces with the upper piece featuring a shatterproof mirror and the bottom piece providing storage for a razor, ring, toothbrush and toothpaste.
Both pieces are made from silicon and use a special silicone technology meaning they can stick to any smooth surface.?
Super simple and convenient the recipient will wonder how they ever lived without it!
Features Of This Shower Set
– 2 piece multi use station with mirror and storage for personal bathroom items
– M ade from 100% antimicrobial?silicone meaning it is anti mould and can never rust
-? Attaches effortlessly to any smooth surface by using a? unique silicone grip technology and can be moved for cleaning and placed back in position
– Can be placed on the shower wall or glass shower door
– Light weight soft material
– Shatterproof mirror perfectly sized for shaving
Surfaces This Product Will Stick To
Shiny Tiles
Shiny Marble
Shiny Fiberglass
Gloss Finished Metal (fridge)
Surfaces This Product Will Not Stick To:
Ceramic/matt tiles
Prefabricated Fiberglass
Textured/Uneven Tiles
Mosaic Tiles

Material and Colour
– Silicone
– Grey

Note: razor, ring, toothbrush and toothpaste not included.


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