What is my Cat Really Thinking?




Hardback book with foil on the titles Contains 128 pages with illustrations Features fun advice about feline communication Size: 17.4cm x 11.4cm Crack the curious kitty code with this informatively fun book, What is My Cat Really Thinking? Dedicated to all our lovable four-legged friends, it delves into their psychology and what’s behind their sometimes weird behaviour. A great ‘just because’ gift for you and your pet, any animal-loving friends will treasure it for their bookshelf. Enter the feline world and find out how to understand their body language, communicate effectively, and deepen your bond. Next time you gaze into your crafty cat’s enigmatic eyes, you’ll know exactly what they’re thinking. Maybe you’ll even find out why they’re indifferent to your charms and like dangerous escapades and batting things off tables. Buy it from Mamjo for Gifts Australia today.


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