What is my Dog Really Thinking?




Hardback book with foil on the titles Contains 128 pages with illustrations Features fun advice about doggie communication Size: 17.4cm x 11.4cm There’s much more to canine behaviour than meets the eye, and you’ll find the key with What is my Dog Really Thinking? An exciting look at pup psychology, it explores telltale body language and all those cutesy behaviours. You might not fully understand the workings of that furry little head, but with careful observation, you’ll get pretty close. Dogs spend hours snoozing every day, but when they’re awake, they’re as bright as a 3-year-old child. Understanding more about those endearing looks and waggy tails will perk up your canine relationship. A super gift idea for anyone with a four-legged friend, why not treat them to some pooch power? Buy this book from Mamjo for Gifts Australia.


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