Mini Articulate Game


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80 single letter tiles 55 cards, coloured dice, timer, scorecards, pencil Instructions and mini-games in a banana shaped pouch Recommended for ages 12+ Players: 4 to 20 Play time: 15 minutes Enjoy all the fun of the Articulate boardgame in a mini game you can take anywhere and play with a crowd. Can you describe a word without actually saying it? Your team has 30 seconds to guess as many words as possible! Speed is of the essence in this fast-thinking, fast-talking descriptive game. The Mini Articulate Game is a miniature version of the complete board game but without the board and with no pieces to move around for a portable game that can be played anywhere. With 6 word categories (Object, Nature, Action, World, Person or Random) and customised rules this is a fun board game that will liven up your next family holiday or get together.


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