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25cm x 25cm foldable cardboard chess board 32 wooden chess pieces in beige and blue Recommended for 2 players Suitable for ages 5+ Big or small, young or old, the rules of Chess are simple, and you can learn to play quickly. You will never be bored as there’s always a new strategy to try. A game of tactics for two, the aim is to obtain ‘Checkmate’ by trapping your opponent’s king. You can also win if your opponent ‘resigns’ and gives up. For fans, this irresistible board game often becomes a lifetime’s passion. Teaching young children how to play this intriguing game is very probably one of the greatest gifts you can give them. It helps teach basic skills like focus and problem-solving. It can improve their attention span, visual memory and even verbal skills. Advanced players and beginners alike will love this modern, colourful set by Printworks from Mamjo for Gifts Australia.


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