Tipsy Tower Drinking Game


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This is a classic wooden block game, but with a boozy twist. Each player takes a turn at sliding a wooden piece out of the tower, while trying desperately not to let the tower collapse. If it does, they drink! But on top of that (as if it wasn’t already suspenseful enough), some of the blocks have hidden drinking instructions, such as, “drink two” or “choose a player to drink one”. And, with 4 shot glasses included, you’ll have everything you need for a good time. This game can be easily modified with custom rules. Why not incorporate different types or volumes of drinks for different scenarios? It can turn any quiet gathering into a rambunctious affair! Choose from this and dozens of other drinking games and novelty barware at Mamjo for Gifts Australia, and include a complimentary personalised gift card with every purchase! Dimensions: 188 x 75 x 205 mm


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