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It’s written in the stars! Soon, thanks to you, they’ll be writing the name of their choice into the sky by naming their very own star – a magical gift idea that’s the perfect way to celebrate life changing moments. Imagine gifting a new Bride & Groom the opportunity to name their very own star! Looking up to the sky and knowing that their love is forever stamped into the night; it’s a truly special gift for couples that lasts for eternity. Save a star from it’s boring and scientific catalogue number, let that star shine brighter with its very own, memorable name. Perhaps it’s to celebrate the arrival of a newborn baby, or to send a teen out into the world after graduation, whatever the occasion, to name a star is a magical experience. Naming a star is also a lovely gesture as a sympathy gift following the loss of a loved one. The Name a Star Gift Box, includes all the information needed to officially assign any name they desire to their very own piece of the night sky. The Name a Star Gift Box includes everything you need to register your star with the Star Registry as well as the astronomical details to locate it in the night sky. After registration, they’ll receive a confirmation certificate detailing their star’s new name. The Star Registry is catalogued in the British Library. Whether it’s their new married name, a combination of names, the family name, or how about the name of a new baby who’s arrived into the world? The Name A Star Gift would make a wonderful newborn baby gift. Honestly, we think this is the ‘one in a universe’, most magical and unique gift we have. The Name A Star Gift Box includes the star details, astronomy and star fact sheets and information, a postcard, a registration sheet. After registration a personalised certificate is mailed to confirm their star details. The ultimate unique gift idea from Mamjo for Gifts Australia.


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