Light Up LED Magnifier


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Magnifying glass with light 3 LED lights 2.5 x magnification Requires 2 x AA batteries (not included) Dimensions: 18.7 x 9cm A handheld magnifying glass with built-in LED lights and 2.5x magnification is a handy gift for seniors or hobbyists working with small pieces. The well-spread illumination and magnification level is perfect for making small text and finer details easier to see. Keep one in the kitchen for reading instructions on packets, and another alongside the reading chair, jigsaw puzzle or craft table. To enhance their vision and reduce eye strain, a lightweight magnifying glass with LED lights makes a thoughtful gift for anyone with macular degeneration or who simply finds it impossible to read those tiny labels on food packages. You could also give this Light Up LED Magnifier as a lighthearted novelty gift for a 50th birthday. Do not leave the magnifying glass against flammable items or outside unattended as it can focus the sun and cause a fire.


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