Insects Creative Box


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Created for children 4-7 years old Themed around insects Features 5 activities Includes a paint set and instructions Teaches kids about insect burrowing and behaviours Gets kids outside into their backyards Promotes STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and maths) Get your little learner out into the world for some hands-on learning with this insect-focused activity kit from beloved Aussie brand My Creative Box. This box features five activities for antsy hands and brains, including an Insect STEAM Maze Kit, an Insect Catcher DIY Project Kit, a Rock Insects Craft Kit, a Crawling Caterpillars STEAM Set, and a Spider Craft Kit. This box teaches children about insect burrowing, how to find insects, and how to make their own bug friends, among other things. It also encourages inquiry-based learning. Buy this fun-filled box from Mamjo for Gifts Australia today.


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