Drill Chill – 2 Minute Beer Chiller


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Chill Any Beer Can in 2 Minutes!
This is hands down the ultimate beer accessory all beer lovers need.?
We’ve all been there…
Forgetting to restock the fridge…. picking up a case of beer from the local bottleshop that wasn’t in the cold room… or being gifted an awesome gift pack…
If there’s a need to chill beer down quickly then the Drill Chill is the only solution. Beer will be a down to a few degrees within minutes.
To see how the Drill Chill works watch the video below.

NOTE: This product is for the drill chill spin chilling attachment. The cordless drill and other items shown in the video and images are not included.
How Does This Work?
Beer placed in ice will take about 15 – 20 minutes to chill down completely. By spinning the beer you are introducing convection and thereby increasing the rate at which heat is transfered between the can and the surrounding ice. If using a container with about trays worth of ice you will likely notice the ice in the container becoming smaller during the 2 minutes of spinning which is the transfer of heat occuring.
Why Doesn’t The Beer Explode When I Open It?
You might be thinking the can will explode as soon as you open it, but it won’t. Because we are spinning the can and not shaking it you??re able to open the beer straight away and there will be minimal to no froth. Pour into your favourite beer glass and enjoy.
Step by Step Instructions: How To Use The Drill Chill
1. Insert the drill chill attachment into a cordless drill and tighten the chuck.
2. Place your cordless drill on low speed.
3. Place ice and water into a icecream tub sized container or bowl. A single tray of ice with some water will be sufficient to chill down a couple of beers. An esky with ice will work as well.
4. Clip the beer into the drill chill attachment and ensure it is securely clipped in.
5. Place the beer can into the container and start spinning the drill slowly.
6. Spin the beer for 2 minutes.
7. Remove the beer from the drill.?
8. Open and enjoy an ice cold beer.

Please note, if purchasing the drill chill individually and not as an add-on with one of our gift hampers the drill chill will be sent unassembled.


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