Charles Lee Men’s Shaving Care Kit


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About The Charles Lee Men’s Shaving Care Kit

The ultimate grooming companion for men who take pride in their appearance. This thoughtfully curated collection is designed to enhance the shaving experience, making it perfect for guys who value quality and luxury.
This add-on gift is featuers the following items
Shaving Gel 50ml
The centerpiece of the set is the shaving gel. Its premium ingredients provide optimal lubrication, reducing razor burn and post-shave discomfort. The rich and creamy texture creates a luxurious lather, ensuring a smooth glide and effortless shaving.
Aftershave Lotion 100ml
Complementing the shave cream is the aftershave lotion, a refreshing elixir that soothes and revitalizes the skin. With its subtle masculine fragrance, it leaves behind a lingering scent that embodies confidence and sophistication.
Face Scrub 150ml
He’ll experience the? ultimate facial rejuvenation with this face scrub. It is invigorating and gently exfoliates, removing dead skin cells and unclogging pores, leaving his skin refreshed and revitalized. Suited for normal, combination and oily skin types.?
Premium Toiletry Bag
The shaving gel, aftershave and facescrub are presented in a beautiful and stylish toiletry bag. This bag is a great size and perfect not only for storing these items but also items like a razor, toothbrush and other toiletry essentials needed for an international holiday or short weekend away.
This gift set not only delivers a flawless shave but also adds a touch of style and is an excellent add-on gift option.
Made from natural ingredients | Vegan-friendly | Cruelty Free | RSPO Certified


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