Body Scrubber & Hook


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About The Body Scrubber and Hook

The ulimate companion to boost the shower experience. This body scrubber is made from soft silicone and perfectly gives a deep cleansing exfoliation experience.?
Along with the scrubber comes a convenience hook for storage. The hook uses special silicone technology to adhere to any smooth surface like the shower screen or tiled wall. No more adhesives and no more suctions cups.
This is the perfect gift for those that like to look after their skin and enjoy a invigorating wash.
Features Of This Shaving Station
– 2 pieces, 1 body scrubber and 1 hook for easy storage
– M ade from 100% antimicrobial?silicone meaning it is anti mould and can never rust
– Hook a ttaches effortlessly to any smooth surface by using a? unique silicone grip technology and can be moved for cleaning and placed back in position
– Can be placed on the shower wall or glass shower door
– Light weight soft material
– Stainless steel hook won’t rust
Benefits Of Using?
– Unclogs pours
– Makes skin feel soft and rejuvinated
– Boosts circulation and exfoliates skin
– Hygenic with ergonomic handle
– Modern alternative to a traditonal loofah
Surfaces This Product Will Stick To
Shiny Tiles
Shiny Marble
Shiny Fiberglass
Gloss Finished Metal (fridge)
Surfaces This Product Will Not Stick To:
Ceramic/matt tiles
Prefabricated Fiberglass
Textured/Uneven Tiles
Mosaic Tiles

Material and Colour
– Silicone
– Grey


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