BBQ Utensil Set 25 Piece


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About?BBQ 25 Piece Utensil Set

This This is The ThermoPro dual probe meat thermometer allows any experienced or inexperienced BBQ cook to measure the internal temperature of their meat accurately and quickly.?
With a large backlit display and easy to use preset temperatures it takes the the guess work out of barbecuing meats and makes cooking the perfect steak or roast super simple.
A must have gadget for any keen BBQer!
Features 25 Piece BBQ Utensil Set

High quality stainless steel has been used to ensure long lasting and durability

Convenient carry bag to keep all utensils stored when not in use. The bag also makes it the ideal set to take camping or have in the car for outdoor picnics / BBQs outside of the house

Complete kit with all utensils required to have a BBQ and includes all the items listed below

The utensils feature long handles ensure users hands are kept away from the hot BBQ or grill

Handy digital thermometer great for?helping cook the perfect piece of meat

What’s Included In This 25 Piece BBQ Utensil Set


Basting brush

2 in 1 brush and scraper


Digital thermometer

Large fork

Salt shaker

Pepper shaker

8 x corn holders

4 x skewers

Carry storage bag


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