BBQ Sampler Flavours Of The World 20 Pack


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About?BBQ Sampler Flavours Of The World 20 Pack

This is a great gift for the avid BBQ enthusiast whether they are just starting out or have been a BBQ pro for years.
Featuring a range of 20 different sauces, rubs and salts it’s sure to take their cooking to the next level.
These are great to cook or serve with beef, chicken, pork or fish dishes.
About The Flavours
This 20 pack contains a mix of BBQ sauces, rubs and salts to create the most flavoursome BBQ meals possible. It includes:

Jalapeno wing sauce 21g

Himalaya pink salt 25g

Mexican style BBQ rub 16g

Hot wing sauce 21g

Caribbean BBQ rub 19g

Chipotle sea salt 21g

Garlic chilli hot spice 9g

Kansas City BBQ sauce 21g

Curry sea salt 27g

Garlic wing sauce 21g

Chilli salt hot spice 23g

Bourbon BBQ sauce 21g

St. Louis BBQ sauce 21g

Rosemary sea salt 21g

Root beer BBQ sauce 21g

Southwest BBQ rub 16g

Habanero wing sauce 21g

Cajun BBQ rub 13g

Tangy BBQ sauce 21g

Sweet BBQ 21g


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