BBQ Grill Scraper


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About The BBQ Grill Scraper

A must have gadget for any BBQ enthusiast!
Whether the recipient is a seasoned BBQ’er or novice this BBQ tool is sure to come in handy.?
This BBQ Grill Scraper Features
– Genuine Kunifu brand and quality
– Compared to the traditional wire grill brush this is bristle free meaning no risk of bristles breaking off and making into the the food
– Universal design makes it perfect for a wide variety of grills. The notches are different sizes to suit almost all grill types. It also includes a built in bottle opener!
– Compact size makes it great not only at home but also for those that like to BBQ when they are at parks, camping, hiking etc.
– Made from high quality stainless steel
– Dishwasher safe makes this super simple to clean up, just pop it into the dishasher


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