Candle care tips

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Candles might seem basic, but there are some surprising things to learn about them. For maximum burn time, you should give them a bit of TLC. And luckily, they're super easy to care for. So, here are my tips to help your candles glisten in your home a little longer.

The more wicks, the faster the burn time.

This 3-wick candle has a similar burn time to this single-wick candle. Although the size may be a little deceiving, the more wicks, the hotter the wax, and the quicker it will burn. So why buy a 3-wick candle if it doesn’t last longer? Well, they throw fragrance further within your room and home. Plus, we think they look beautiful in any space!

Fragrance the whole way through.

Ever notice a candle smells amazing at the start and then the smell kind of just, disappears? Many cheaper candles only have fragrance in the top section. Some candles may cost more due to better quality fragrance in the wax. Be sure to check if your candle has fragrance the whole way through the wax—something all our candles definitely do!

Trim your wick.

The expression might sound cheeky, but it's actually really important. The ideal length of a wick is 7mm. Trimming your wick will:

  • allow less soot to burn on the wick and into your home.
  • prevent a black layer to develop inside your candle jar—great if you want to reuse your vessel.
  • keep temperature of the flame lower which is safer, and burns your candle slower.

Light 'em up.

If your candle has more than one wick, ensure they’re all well lit. Sometimes, one wick fades causing uneven burning. This can affect how your candle burns down and how wax distributes.

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    Written by Taegen Roberts


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