Whitsunday Blue 100% Recycled Beach Towel




Super absorbent quick-dry towel Recycled 220 GSM Polyester/Polymide Colour: Whitsunday Blue Stripe Size: Extra Large 200 x 90cm Elastic hook to hang it out to dry Handy draw string pouch This amazing towel is the future of environmentally conscious fabric. This quick dry, extra large towel dries up to 3 times faster than a standard cotton towel. Plus, the fabric minimises any smell of dampness. Even better, sand won’t stick to the quick-dry fabric making this the best towel for the beach. It comes with a handy draw string pouch to carry it around in. This is the perfect towel for any adventure! Feel good about your beach towel knowing that it’s made 100% from a combination of recycled post-consumer plastic and packaging or biodegradable materials. Plus, Dock & Bay donate 5% of their net profits to charitable causes they believe can make a difference for a more sustainable environment.


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