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About The Uno Card Game

An all time classic card game fun for all ages, even for adults! Simple to learn and play but impossible to put down. Play a speed game with 5 cards per player or traditional game with 7 cards per player – the choice is yours!
Who Is This A Great Gift For?

This is the perfect add-on gift for dads with younger children. Not only can he enjoy the selection of beers or wine from our gift packs but by adding a set of Uno cards to the hamper you’ll give him the chance to spend fun quality time with his kids!
This Deck of Uno Cards Features:
– The original and official Uno cards with 112 cards in total
– 1 9 cards of each colour (red, green, blue, and yellow), plus 8 Draw Two, Reverse and Skip cards in every colour, along with 4 Wild Cards, 4 Wild Draw Four cards, 1 Wild Swap Hands Card and 3 Wild Customisable cards.
– 3 customisable wild cards for added extra fun. You write your own rules for these cards like “pick up 10” or “swap all your cards with the player to the left of you.


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