Twisted Whiskey Glasses Set




Set of 2 glasses with a twisted design Comes with 4 granite ice rocks Holds 300ml of liquid Made from borosilicate glass Packaged in a gift box Perfect for toasting or winding down after a long day, this Twisted Whiskey Glass Set oozes sophistication. Made from borosilicate, the tumblers have extra durability so they can impress for a lifetime. Featuring an elegant design with a stylish base twist, they fit comfortably in your hand and look sensational. The set has 4 ice rocks that can be frozen and then deliver a chill factor without watering down your drink. It’s a premium drinking gift, perfect for whiskey lovers and anyone with a home bar. An impressive way to serve a single malt, they’re also ideal for your favourite double-shot drinks, cocktails, mocktails, or everyday juice.


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