Smartphone Lazy Arm


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Give your friend a helping hand (or an arm) with this great gift. Busy multi-taskers will love the flexibility of being able to get on with the job while using their phone hands-free. The Smartphone Lazy Arm clips onto almost any surface. The arm is super flexible, so no matter what they’re doing, or what angle they need their smartphone at, the Smartphone Lazy Arm will get it just right. If you’re shopping for a gift for someone that travels, or is usually stuck on a long train commute to work each day, the Smartphone Lazy Arm is a great way to watch movies or read without having to constantly hold the phone. Your favourite bookworm can clip this flexible smartphone holder on to their bedhead for easy reading at night. This is an ideal gift for teens and all phone lovers. There’s so many great uses for this clever gadget. The Smartphone Lazy Arm is approx. 65cm long with a durable and flexible movable arm. It’s quick and easy to clip on to any surface, like a bench, desk, railing, bedside table, train seat-rest, or even your backpack shoulder strap for use when out hiking. Phones clip securely into the smartphone mount which can be rotated for the best position. The smartphone holding mount is adjustable, so it’s compatible with iPhones, Androids, and virtually any standard smartphone. Your friend will be super impressed with this great gift from Mamjo for Gifts Australia.


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