Rory’s Story Cubes Game


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9 picture dice and instructions in a compact magnetic box Recommended for ages 6+ Players: 1+ Play time: from 1 minute to endless play Kids and adults will all love this addictively simple random story generating game that can be played anywhere. Roll the cubes to generate 9 random images that need to be included in an imaginative tale. This Classic edition of Rory’s Story Cubes has 54 interpretable images that can be combined in over 10 million ways for endless storytelling potential. Make up your own story for solo play or as a writing prompt, or play with as many people as you like. Award points for imagination, humour, or a speedy delivery, or play cooperatively by rolling the dice and taking turns for an endless story round-robin. Rory’s Story Cubes encourages creativity, develops social confidence, and enhances language skills, plus it’s heaps of fun for kids of all ages. The full instructions include several different ways to use the cubes. It’s a clever educational game that’s fun to play and comes in a handy pocket-sized tin to take it anywhere.


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