Prick, A Guide To Cacti & Succulents


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In recent years, succulents and cacti have taken the world by storm! Famed for their distinctive and fascinating looks and their ease of care, they are the ideal indoor plant, and look great in the garden too! And now, this comprehensive guidebook can teach succulent enthusiasts all they need to know about those prickly little plants. The author – Gynelle Leon – is founder of London’s famous cacti and succulents store, Prick, which has been featured in media outlets including The Financial Times and Huffington Post. She also happens to be an award-winning plant photographer, so you can be sure that this title will be as informative as it is a pleasure to look at. From a photo gallery profiling all of the wonderful varieties, to helpful advice about choosing, styling, and caring for the plants, this is a must-have for any cactus connoisseur. Format: Hardcover Length: 224 pages Dimensions: 12x22x2.3cm


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