Luxe Silver Christmas Ornament Set


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5 laser cut ornate Christmas ornaments Golden Festive Jingles L: 77mm H: 86mm D: 4mm 5 x 3.7mm Radiant Crystals Golden Eternal Bond L: 66mm H: 86mm D: 4mm 7 x 2.8mm Radiant Crystals 1 x 3.6mm Radiant Crystals Golden With Love L: 73mm H: 86mm D: 4mm 5 x 3.5mm Radiant Crystals Golden Tree Of Life L: 76mm H: 86mm D: 5mm 9 x 3.6mm Radiant Crystals Golden Precious Prancer L: 83mm H: 86mm D: 4.25mm 5 x 3.65mm Radiant Crystals This beautiful Christmas tree ornament gift set adds a touch of elegance to your Christmas decorations. Watch the tree sparkle by candlelight on Christmas Eve with the Luxe Silver Ornament Set with crystals by Mestige.


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