Golden Christmas Advent Calendar


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12 Doors Featuring, 1 x Charm Bracelet and 11 x Charms Rhodium-Tone Plated and Gold-Tone Plated with premium radiant cystals Bracelet Length is 20cm Advent calendar is sent without the Outer Sleeve to keep its contents a surprise for your recipient. Advent calendars are a special tradition during the holiday season, and there is no more luxurious way to celebrate than with the Golden Christmas Advent Calendar by Mestige. Behind each door of this stunning advent calendar lies a beautiful shimmering charm, each one made from premium materials and designed to last for years to come. Whether you’re a jewelry junkie or simply looking for something elegant to give as a gift, this Advent calendar has it all. So why wait? Open up that first door today and discover the magic of luxury behind every bead!


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