Fidget Poppa-Balls


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Multicoloured pop it stress balls Set of 2 balls Made from silicone Made of durable and flexible silicone, the Fidget Poppa Balls are soft and comfortable to touch, fun to pop, and soothing to knead. Hold a poppa ball in one hand and rotate to press the bubbles. Then give a gentle squeeze to pop them back out again. These pop it stress balls make a satisfying pop-popping sound when the bubbles pop back up. Stress ball fidget toys can be used in multiple ways: pop the bubbles on the ball, or toss, squish, squeeze, stretch, smush and knead the balls to distract or soothe. Or take on the personal challenge of seeing how many bubbles can be popped before the balls resets itself. These are the perfect one-handed, quiet fidget toys for kids and teens to relieve stress, aid concentration, and distract from negativity. A great gift for teens before exams or to help with homework, or just a fun stocking stuffer toy for all ages.


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