Father’s Day Leather Bottle Tag


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Round Leather Tag Colour: Natural Tan Leather Adjustable Leather Thong Included Monogrammed For ‘DAD’ Give your dad a personalised wine bottle neck tag monogrammed with the word ‘DAD’ for a special gift on his birthday or for Father’s Day. Include a personalised leather tag for your dad when you give a bottle of wine to make your gift even more special. These genuine leather bottle tags come with an adjustable leather cord to slip over the neck of any bottle, port cask, or spirit decanter. Dad will know your gift was chosen just for him with a personalised wine tag for Father’s Day. As a natural material, leather will have variations in colour, creases and imperfections, making your item unique. These imperfections can include marks or nicks to which the leather can be susceptible during packing, transit and unwrapping. Over time you may see creasing or colour changes, all of which are natural features of leather. Our leather products include care instructions to ensure your recipient can enjoy their personalised leather accessory for years to come.


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