Bananagrams Word Game


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144 letter tiles and instructions in a banana shaped pouch Recommended for ages 7+ Players: 2 to 6 Play time: 20 minutes Kids and adults will all love this addictively simple word game that can be played anywhere. There are no turns in Bananagrams, so game play is fast paced and frantic from the minute someone calls ‘Split’! Everyone works independently on their own crossword with a race to the finish to see who will be crowned the ‘Top Banana’! The first player to use all of their letters to build a word grid is the winner. Classic Bananagrams Word Game is easy to play with clear instructions for young spellers aged 7 years and up. The game doesn’t need a pencil, paper, or board, and comes in a cute little banana-shaped pouch that’s perfect to play at home or on the go. With a game pouch each, you can even play this classic family game via video chat for a fun way to interact and play while social distancing.


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