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Is it just me, or are you thinking about lunch as soon as your morning coffee has worn off and you’re 20 emails in? Whether your mind is zig-zagging down the same old cafe menu or bored of the same old packed lunch, I've pulled together some of my favourite master meals with minimal effort. Say goodbye to overpriced quinoa salads and watch your work mates go green with food envy.

Monday - Mediterranean veggie wrap

Leftover veggies from your Sunday roast
Cherry tomatoes
Half avocado
Baby spinach leaves
Feta, halloumi or cheddar cheese
A dollop of hummus

Fold it all up in a fresh wrap.

Tip: Pack some celery and carrot sticks and dip into left over hummus.

Tuesday - Asian noodle salad

Chicken or veggie protein
Crispy asian noodles
Cherry tomatoes
Half avocado
Half mango
Sliced capsicum
Coriander (or mint for the haters)
Balsamic vinegar or sesame dressing

Tip: Pack in one of our insulated lunch bags to keep it fresh and avoid day-ruining work bag spills.

Wednesday - Not-so-naughty nachos

Mexican spiced beans (tinned or pre-cooked)
Brown rice (pre packed or boil at home)
Grated cheese
Half avocado
Sliced tomatoes
A dollop of hummus
Handful of corn chips

Zap the beans, rice and cheese in the microwave. Top with fresh ingredients and wait for your Mex moustache to grow.

Tip: Our nesting lunch boxes are perfect for these throw together meals – keeping the juicy and fresh bits seperate before they meet on your plate.

Thursday - Fish with greek salad

Pan fry some fish fillets (or pack a tin of tuna/salmon)
Iceberg lettuce
Cherry tomatoes
Baby beetroots
Lemon wedge
Chopped almonds for crunch!

Tip: Sprinkle cinnamon on leftover almonds.

Friday - Pesto pasta goodness

Spaghetti with basil pesto stirred through
Cherry tomatoes, chopped
Rocket leaves
Pine nuts
Parmesan cheese (of course)

Tip: Use part of your lunch break going for a walk or get some vitamin-D in the park.

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    Written by Dani De Rome


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