The cup challenge continues... even on crutches.


Can I use a keep up for the entire year? Well, the commitment is real. So far, so good, even with some fun hurdles thrown my way.

After a dancing mishap, I've earned some new super-cute crutches to keep me off my sprained ankle. With the help of my mamjo team, I'm still managing to get my daily dose of coffee goodness in my favourite reusable cup!

I did leave my cup at home, once. But, I grabbed a mug from work and hit the cafe up with that. I surprisingly didn't receive any odd looks from people, probably because the world around us is starting to realise that plastic is not fantastic.

For any of you that want to follow in my footsteps, here's $5 take off our reusable cups. Add code FEBCUP at checkout.

Enjoy and stay tuned for my next update!

Grab your cup today


    Written by Lisa Anderson

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  • I believe in you Lisa!

    Elise on
  • I was letting loose to Temperature at Sean Paul & Shaggy’s concert at the Hordern haha

    Lisa Anderson on
  • Oh no! What song were you dancing to?

    Mary on

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