My first time shower steaming

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I've never used a bath bomb before... Please don't @ me.

Why? Because every apartment I've ever rented just doesn't have one. A few of my friends are obsessed with bath bombs so when I piped up in a conversation admitting I’d never tried one, they came at me.

So when I learned mamjo were doing shower steamers and got my hands on a sample, I didn't know what to expect.

The instructions were pretty simple: unwrap, wet the steamer under your shower head to start the sizzling and set aside, preferably out of the way of running water.

It didn't take long for a delightful citrus fragrance to fill my shower and eventually bathroom. It was so refreshing and super zesty—I was sold immediately! It was cool to watch it bubble up gently and when I turned off the shower it was kinda nice listening to the fizz soften.

I managed to get 4 showers out of the large steamer and, I have to admit, I was pretty impressed it lasted that many uses. I left it in the same spot the entire time and was happy to see it didn't leave any residue or stains—it literally washed away. Oh, and one of my friends even commented on how lovely my bathroom smelled when they came over for dinner.

Come Christmas time, I bought my friends each one as a gift and, can confirm, they love them just as much as I do! So, if you’re bath-less and love to pamper yourself after a long day, look no further.

Show me the steamers!


    Written by Lisa Anderson
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  • Best. Product. EVER!!!!

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