Give love this Valentine's Day

Did you know?

♡ V Day dates back to the year 496. I was shocked to learn it was this old.

♡ It’s traditionally seen as a day people show affection with a small gift, act of kindness or messages of love. Knew this one.

♡ Originated from the Romans. Women would line up for men to hit them as they believed this would make them fertile. Romantic.

♡ Rumor has it St Valentine was a priest from Rome who used to break the law to marry lovers in secret. His secret was discovered and he was thrown in jail where he fell in love and before he was killed on February 14, he sent his lover a letter signed “from your Valentine”. Maybe the Romans were romantic?

♡ Cupid is the son of Venus, goddess of beauty, and of Mars, god of war. Spicy.

♡ Giving flowers or plants is customary as it’s linked to the coming of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. As a crazy plant lady, I’m sold!

♡ Teachers receive the most love on Valentine’s Day. More than mums, wives and girlfriends. Savage.

♡ Apparently, 18% of women send themselves flowers. Hands up independent women 🙌🏽

♡ In the Middle Ages, people used to literally wear their heart on their sleeve. For one week, they would wear the name of the person they fancied pinned to their sleeves so everyone would know who had their heart. Lucky we can text now.


Love or hate the holiday, if you choose to give a little love to someone—or yourself—here are 10 ideas from us.

  1. Celebrate with a date: Plan a picnic during the day, or go for dinner and cocktails at night.
  2. Have an anti-Valentine’s Day: Make a playlist of songs about being single (include this or this) to listen to and send an anti-love card.

  3. Host a Galentine’s Night: Grab a pamper set or gift for them. Make some cocktails and watch a lame movie like this one.

  4. All by myyyyyself: You're single and do whatever you want, whenever you want and just because it's the 14th of February, it ain't any different. Enjoy your own company, stay in, have a long shower with a shower steamer put on some music, sing along and celebrate you with a nice (read: big) glass of shower champagne.

  5. Bake something sweet: Something like this if you’re into it and something like this if you’re not. Your work friends will appreciate them either way!

  6. Have a romantic night in: Decorate your space with some twinkle lights and candles, pour a glass of wine, cook a nice meal and if you’re lucky, you’ll be in bed by 9pm. Asleep, of course.

  7. Send a thoughtful love note: Grab one of our cards—the perfect surprise to let someone know they’re on your mind.

  8. Spoil your Mum or Dad: OK, maybe not both, it could get awkward. But in all seriousness, my Dad’s not the most romantic so I bought my Mum flowers one year—she loved them!

  9. Have a laugh: Gift a yes, dear button to your partner or play some fun games in good company.

  10. Random act of kindness: Do something nice for a stranger, it can be big or small. Ultimately, it’s what I think today is all about.


Share some Valentine's love with us below.


    Written by Enza Lacherdis

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