Eat, play, beach.

We’re well and truely into Summer down-under, and whilst its been a bit of a wild season so far, it’s still my favourite time of the year.

I’m lucky enough to have grown up close to the ocean, so I can safely say, I know how to beach. This summer break I spent a week cruising the north coast where I spend almost every waking minute down by the shores (with the exception of an obligatory bakery run).

There’re a few secrets to the perfect day, and I thought I’d share mine with you. No-one needs to be reminded to pack a towel, hat or suncream, but I will let you in on the few hot products that will take your day from an 8 to a 10.

The mood-setter:

Every summer has a soundtrack, I love setting the mood for the day and reminiscing on summers passed with old playlists. Sunnylife have a retro speaker that is made for these kinda throw back settings.

The side-kick:

Although I carry it with me everywhere anyways, my trusty Corkcicle drink bottle is my side kick at the beach. I’ll fill it to the brim with icy water before leaving home and it stays cold allll day, even when left in the scorching sun.

The weapon:

It may seem childish, but I feel like beach balls are so under-rated. I love a good throw around to get the blood pumping after accidentally falling asleep reading.

The chiller:

Im not sure about you, but I take snack time very seriously. Especially on holidays. No-one wants melted chocolate pretzels or warm watermelon. An insulated lunch bag will keep your food just how you like it, without sand in it too.

There you have it – the perfect crew to accompany your days by the sea.

Happy beaching!


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    Written by Dani De Rome


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