Challenge: Can I use a reusable cup for a full year?


OK I’ll admit, I’m a little disorganised in the mornings. Truth be told, I only come alive once that magical coffee bean juice pumps through my veins.

It might take just one coffee a day to survive my daily grind, but that one cup a day equates to a massive 365 takeaway cups in landfill each year.

Well, ladies and gents, that's about to change.

From 1 January 2020, I pledge to do away with the single-use takeaway cup. I’m setting myself up for success with my reusable Thoughtful bamboo cup. It's my little way of helping the environment and using less plastic.

The mamjo team are holding me accountable. Follow my challenge on Instagram.

Any tips for me?

Grab your own cup here


    Written by Lisa Anderson
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  • I have two keep cups, I keep one in the office and one in the car for when I am on the go, that way I always have one ready. I love how hot they stay!

    Melanie Campbell on
  • I’m also wanting to start this challenge this year and have been contemplating how to go about it. Thinking that the cup needs to considered part of the keys, phone, purse posse and therefore needs to be routinely washed and placed back with those items at all times. Needs more thought but that’s all I’ve got for now. :). Good luck!

    Wendy Barnes on
  • If you forget your keep cup but are desperate for a coffee sit down and enjoy it at the cafe from a ceramic mug instead of ordering a takeaway.

    Ivy on

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