2020 Colour Trends

We communicate with colour everyday. Often subconsciously, colours change the way we feel based on cultural associations and our experiences. When it comes to design—and the designing at mamjo—the way we incorporate colour changes the look, feel and perception of our products.

How do you know what colour to choose?

We're always on the lookout for new trends in the design space and with a whole spectrum at our disposal, it can be pretty overwhelming! Finding inspiration in design, interior, fashion, products and architecture is a great start.

A colour trend is a direction.

Trends change the way we choose, design and interact with products in our world. I'm going to take you for a spin on the colour wheel and share my 2020 colour predictions based on designs that have been trending in our world. Buckle up!

We're still seeing some subdued colours carrying over from 2019:

Sage   Sky   Lilac   Rust   Turmeric


In 2020 however, we'll see more saturated and vibrant colours surface.


Menthol mint

It's what happens when two of our favourites—cyan and mint—come together. Calm and soothing, but playful, this hue is predicted to replace the great Millennial Pink.

Flaming lava

Bold, bright, warm and energetic this fiery shade definitely makes a statement.

Starry blue

This is an ode to Pantone's 2020 Colour of the Year: Classic Blue. It's a colour that's genderless, seasonless, sustainable and addresses many conversations of our time.


Throughout 2020, look our for ways we'll interpret these colour trends. Consider yourself a colour nerd? Share with us below your colour pick for 2020!


    Written by Enza Lacherdis

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